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Colours of the Rainforest
The circles in the reproduction of the traditional painting ?Colours of the Rainforest? represent the life forces of the land. Song Lines or Handprints are also represented and these are the Aboriginal people following the traditional maps of the land they live upon. Aboriginal people lived in small family groups and travelled the land. Colin Jones has said, in aboriginal culture you never destroyed or took from the land till there was nothing left, and suggested aboriginals were like ?greenies? or natural ecologists. So as Aboriginal people found food gradually became scarce in the area they were living, the elders would get together and decide it was time to move on to another area and allow the regeneration of the land and its food sources. So they would move from one area of land where they belonged to another and through the land. So the Song Lines are maps of the land and the hand prints are symbols of belonging to the land. Aboriginal people would sing and chant about the land as they were moving onto the next area of land.

Colin Jones was born in 1947 in Queensland Australia, and is of Kaladoon and Nunuckle tribal descent. As a young boy, Colin learned to paint from his grandfather. Colins multi-layered dot paintings tell the stories of his ancestral lands, where the rain forest, rivers and land connect. In these depictions, there are small foot and hand prints telling the stories of Aboriginal people roaming the land.
Australian Indigenous Artist Licensed Design

Material: New Bone China
Quality finish
Dishwasher/Microwave Safe
Perfect for Coffee or Tea or Hot Chocolates
Reusable and Plastic Free
Stylish Design
Good for cold morning and nights
Dimensions- 13cm (L) X 12cm (W) X 10cm (H)
Weight- 25g

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