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The youngest of 8 children, Yakinno (Tanya Debono) hails from the Western Victoria Gunditjmara tribe. Yakinno means ?Dreamtime? in the Gunditjmara language. Tanya?s style, and that of her tribe, is especially unique focussing on textures and abstract forms.

Tanya?s art is inspired by bark and plant textures native to Western Victoria and in typical Victorian style is mostly black and white. Her sketches and art are a blue-print of her imagination and inner-workings of her mind. You can often find Tanya in a quiet corner of a Warrnambool caf? developing her pieces.

The art on our merchandise is authentic, original and is the creation of indigenous artists, each with a very unique, exciting and contemporary style. The artists receive ongoing royalties for exclusive use of their art.

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